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To celebrate Women's History Month, we encourage our survivors to choose a woman who inspires them and create a unique scent blend in their honor. This year, we have made two special candles inspired by two incredible women from history. 

The Collection

The Woman: 
Dolly Parton

The Scent:
Banana Nut Bread and Toasted Coconut
This scent was inspired by Dolly’s warm personality along with her love of baking

Why Dolly?
I picked Dolly Parton because to me she is the ultimate icon. While what she has done in music is truly remarkable, what she has done outside or that is life changing for many. Childhood literacy is something very close to my heart and Dolly’s Imagination Library which sends children a book monthly from birth to age five, has drastically improved literacy for thousands of children. Looking at Dolly’s career and life to me she is female empowerment."

The Woman: 

The Scent:
Blackberry, lavender, and lemon verbena
This scent is inspired by foods that would have been gathered by Sacagawea and provided to those under her care.

Why Sacagawea?
"I picked Sacagawea because of the strength and perseverance she showed in all areas of her life. She was instrumental in  helping to charter new land with Lewis and Clark while simultaneously raising her children and providing food for the entire expedition. She had an uncanny ability to find food where no one else could, providing nourishment essential in completing the task at hand."


The Woman: 
Mother Teresa

The Scent:
Rain Water
This scent was inspired by Mother Teresa's purity and ability to give new life

Why Mother Teresa?
Mother Teresa was a gentle woman, who was full of compassion for others. I love her message that we must all show one another love rather than judgment. As a humanitarian she helped millions of people no matter their social status or religious beliefs. Her selflessness and dedication to helping others makes her a true inspiration."

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