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Meet The Team


Leah Cordy

Founder, CEO, & Executive Director

Leah is the Founder, CEO, and Executive Director of Hope's Landing which she launched in March 2021. After working at a women's safe house, she was inspired to find new ways to help survivors get back on their feet, and thus Hope's Landing was born. She has an MBA from Heidelberg University and currently also works for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network as the Community Relationship Manager for the state of Ohio.


Iris Hecock

Director of Operations

Iris started with Hope's Landing as the Executive Assistant in December 2021. She now works as our Director of Operations, taking care of many of the details and logistics to make Hope's Landing a well-oiled machine. Outside of making our lives easier at Hope's Landing, Iris is very active and enjoys activities such as hiking, SUP, and even powerlifting! She's a mom who spends much of her time enjoying being with her family.

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Production Manager

Our production manager is a survivor of domestic violence herself. To keep her safe we don't share any personal information about her.

She is the person in charge of overseeing our other survivors as they make the Hope's Landing products. She works hard to create new products, perfect the products we have, and set the standard for our products. Our production manager creates a positive and safe environment for our survivors to work in. 

Laura Bayda

Marketing Manager

Laura Bayda is the Marketing Manager for Hope's Landing. She's been volunteering since the start of Hope's Landing to do all of our product photos for our website and our promotional video. Since December 2021 she's been officially in charge of our marketing efforts. Beyond Hope's Landing, Laura spends her time getting involved in the community running her own photography business Laura's Lenses.


Production Assistants

Our Survivors

We employ survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence as our production assistants. They are the ones who actually make the products from hand pouring the candles to mixing together our scrubs. By working at Hope's Landing they are empowered by receiving fair pay, learning skills, working on themselves, and by having access to the resources and support they need. For safety reasons we don't share information about our production assistants.

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